While the Mayville Gun Club is always open to the public, membership does have its privileges. In exchange for the ongoing support of the club, members of the Mayville Gun Club are rewarded with opportunities and a complete outdoor enthusiast experience.

Joining the Mayville Gun Club is a great value. We offer individual and family memberships at reasonable prices. You can choose between working and non-working memberships to fit your level of activity within the club. Membership applications are available at the clubhouse during scheduled events on this calendar. Working members must contribute 12 hours of work at the gun club. The working and non-working memberships include the use of grounds, a fishing pond, and reduced sporting clay prices.

Family memberships are for parents and their children 18 (if still in high school) and under.

League Only memberships are available for $15.00 per league. This membership allows participation in leagues only. Special club privileges, like the use of the fishing pond and club grounds, are excluded and you pay non-member prices for sporting clays.

Membership Form